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Vermont Intelligence Center


The mission of the Vermont Intelligence Center (VIC) is to collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence information in an effort to identify, investigate, and prevent criminal activity and protect the citizens and critical infrastructures vital to our society. The VIC’s goal is to identify patterns and indicators of criminal and terrorism-related activity in the state, to include drug and cyber-related incidents, to enable successful prevention and enforcement action.

The VIC strives to maintain an accurate statewide threat picture for nearly 2,000 full and part-time officers that are employed by the 70 local, county and state law enforcement agencies in Vermont, as well as state and local government entities and the public and private sector partners that make up Vermont's critical infrastructure sectors.

The VIC’s priority is to interact with all law enforcement agencies in order to exchange intelligence throughout the state, the country, and internationally. It serves as Vermont’s comprehensive criminal intelligence center to assist all law enforcement with criminal and counterterrorism investigations and operations.

The VIC works collaboratively and in close partnership with the National Fusion Center Association, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, New England HIDTA, the New England State Police Information Network and various Canadian law enforcement agencies.  In doing so the VIC strives to examine all aspects of criminal activity tied to, and found within, the State of Vermont. 

Through these collaborative efforts the VIC seeks to advance the efficient, timely and accurate exchange of information between all of its law enforcement and homeland security partners, at all levels of government, while safeguarding the rights and privacy of all citizens.

Statewide programs such as AMBER Alert, the Drug Monitoring Initiative (DMI), Missing Person clearinghouse and the If You See Something, Say Something™ initiative are all coordinated at the VIC. The VIC also assists the Vermont State Police Major Crime Unit with the most serious crimes; specifically, homicides and missing persons that are suspicious in nature, as well as with cold cases, to include unsolved murders and suspicious missing person cases more than a year old.