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Public Awareness


Heroin Epidemic Learning Program

H.E.L.P Heroin Epidemic Learning Program Image

H.E.L.P. is a youth empowerment program designed to educate students on the reality of the opioid crisis. H.E.L.P. uses volunteer experts to clearly explain, ed- ucate and enlighten students on what is happening in their own community, right now.

Students are tasked with finding their voice and using it; they will take the infor- mation, stories and education they have acquired and use it to create a power- ful message of prevention in the form of a public service announcement (or PSA).


All PSA’s are submitted to the H.E.L.P. committee by a certain deadline where each PSA will be viewed and voted on to determine a winner. The winning PSA is professionally edited to air on local and national television. In some cases stu- dents and the participating school will win a prize.


H.E.L.P. was created by Jeremy Holm, a Vergennes, Vt. community member and TV/Film actor from the Netflix series House of Cards & by Jesse Brooks a Vergennes Vt. community member and Prevention Coordinator for Addison County through the United Way.


Media Links:

 WPTZ Report- nbc5.c om/ article/ state-of -addiction-ac tor-aids-ad dic tion-education -in-schools/ 8992117



Addison Independent- -gives-teens-platform-addiction



Jesse Brooks by email at 

or by phone at (802) 388-7189



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