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Drug Monitoring Initiative (DMI)

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In 2014, the Vermont Intelligence Center (VIC) established the Vermont Drug Monitoring Initiative (DMI) in an effort to combat the opioid epidemic in Vermont. The program is modeled after the New Jersey DMI, which was created in 2009 by the New Jersey State Police Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC) as a way for New Jersey to address its growing heroin problem. 

The mission of the Vermont DMI is threefold.  First, to provide a 360-degree view of the opioid epidemic through intelligence-led policing and outreach.  Second, to facilitate collaboration between key partners, including a) law enforcement; b) prevention; and c) treatment stakeholders, to enable real solutions to the opioid crisis. Third, to collect, analyze, and distribute actionable drug intelligence to key stakeholders.

The DMI serves as a repository of drug data for Vermont and manages overdose and seizure databases. The collection of this data enables the VIC to identify trends, patterns, and public health and safety issues. 

Based on analyses of drug data, the VIC and associated partners are able to provide:

  1. An early warning system for public safety and health entities
  2. Ways to link ongoing criminal investigations
  3. Alerts for spikes in drug activity, enabling the identification of where additional police and social services are required

In July 2017, the Vermont Intelligence Center produced a public facing product overviewing the opioid epidemic in Vermont. Click on the image below to view. 

Vermont Opioid Overview Image

The Vermont Intelligence Center is proud to partner with The Vermont Department of Health and Northern New England Poison Center. 

Vermont Department of Health Insignia       Northern New England Poison Center